Back in 2010 I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. I started taking methimazole and my TSH levels went to normal. Then I decided to see a homopathic Dr. and she put me on Thyroid II natural medicine. My TSH levels conitinued to go down as I was taking less and less of the methimazole. Then in Nov. of 2013 my TSH levels were extremely low (0.001). So she suggested that I go on the lowest dose of methimaole (5 mg). Then in Jan 2014 my TSH levels were through the roof at 25! So now I am not currently taking anything as I wait for my TSH levels to go back down. They were going down nicely. Sept 2014 my TSH level was 0.8. But then Nov 2014 my TSH level jumped up to 8.8. I am still not taking any medication for my thyroid. Has anyone else had this problem before? What did you do about it? I am ready to just remove the stupid thing! I am really starting to feel fusterated with this thyroid of mine! I want to get pregnant, I am 32 so its not like I have time on my side at this moment. Any comments would be extremely helpful. Thanks!