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Can a human take fish mox a form of amoxicillin 500mg on the pill says (aa 825) brownish color p?

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DzooBaby 12 Dec 2013

Drugs made for animals are not held to the same purity standards that drugs made for people are. It may contain impurities not meant for human consumption. I wouldnt risk using it.

3STARMIKE999 12 Dec 2013

EVEN IF THE PILL IDENTIFIER ON THIS SITE SHOWS IT TO BE FOR HUMANS. NOTE THE PILL SAYS ON IT (AA 825) brownish in color. the same thing on this site to be for humans. I'm confused

DzooBaby 13 Dec 2013

If it is marketed for use in animals, you cant be sure. It may be manufacturing seconds or drugs that didnt quite meet "human use" standards but did meet the standards for animal drugs. It is your body but I wouldnt risk it or allow any of my family to use it. That is all I'm saying. It is your choice if want to chance it. Amoxicillin for humans is not an expensive drug, so why chance it?

Preper2014 7 Nov 2014

I have done some internet based research on this topic. And I have bought the fishmox to check out what the pills look like. When I got them they are the brownish yellow colored pill that reads AA 825. According to my research the pills have to be the same as the ones for humans if the look exactly the same The reason being is that if someone overdoses and you call the 1800 poison number the ingredients must be identical.

ffa2dramachick 3 Mar 2015

I called the poison control center directly and they said that they're exactly the same, Just saying!

ABYnot 12 Mar 2015

The chemical composition is, and the major fillers may be the same. But there is a reason why fish amoxi is going to be cheaper than human amoxi: they don't have to keep to the same standards of composition, packaging, storage and shipping. It is not going to be like changing from Oscar Meyer to Johnsonville wieners on a meant-for-human-consumption assembly line.

ABYnot 12 Mar 2015

(The notion that it is okay for a human biology to subjected to animal biology designed drugs - merely because they are chemically the same substance, and because both beings are made up of protoplasm, is just another example of why the internet is also referred to as the "Trough Of Common Ignorance.")

garbageman509 16 Apr 2015

the pills have 1 manufacturer and a dozen "repackagers/distributors". this is why the id on the pill is the same across the board, but the label/NDC can vary from brand to brand. They are all the same pill. they do not manufacture a version for humans, and then manufacture a different version for animals with different standards as some here have suggested.

take Fish-Pen (penicillin V) by Thomas Labs for example... it is manufactured by Dava Pharmaceuticles and then repacked by half a dozen other companies(Pharmedix, PDRX, Golden State MS) including Thomas Labs. Some are marketed for humans, others are not. they are all the same pill.

TonyRUS 23 May 2015

Thank you, Garbageman, for that clear answer. (Another reason that the Internet is known as the "Trough Of Common Ignorance."-- everyone gives an 'authoritative' answer to everyone else's questions (DZoo) when they really have no idea what the hell they're talking about.)

txmac 21 Mar 2016

yes. they are the same exact pill. as long as you buy them from the USA; you are taking exactly the same thing be it dogs, humans, fish, birds, and so on. The FDA requires that pills with the same "number" and "color" not be marketed as anything else. BECAUSE if you accidentally take one, your dog does, you baby, or whatever... when you call the poison control center they need to be able to identify what was ingested. I have taken Pill form and capsule. Even the capsule had the code WC 731 for amoxicillin.

onefeather1 19 Jun 2015

I buy fish mox for myself and have taken it,, but each person has to decide for their self. I keep a bottle around in case something comes up that needs amoxicillin. It comes in 250 and 500 mg.

Nla257 28 Nov 2015

Did it your for your alignment and did you have any side affects?

Survivalexpert32 23 Jan 2016

I have tried both fishmox and fishpen forte both in the past for a tooth infection and they both seem to work the same as human antibiotics. You will be fine as long as you are not allergic to penicillin. This is a good survival technique if the apocalypse would be upon us and there are no more pharmacies or doctors around to cure infections, or for those of us who don't want to pay doctor/hospital visits just to get a prescription for antibiotics. But yes these are the same pills that you would get prescribed from a doctor. Hope this helps!

onedenarius 8 Mar 2016

I am so tired of this confusion. The answer is YES YES YES YES YES!!! There is exactly ZERO difference. None! Anyone saying different is either ill-informed, a paid disinformation troll, or an idiot. This is not an issue of content or manufacturing at all, they are the exact same, this is ONLY, an issue of LABELING! The pills are from the same line the same process the same everything they are the SAME!!! They only label them for different regions, languages and purposes DUH??? I am so tired of people coming on here talking stupid garbage and trying to act like they have the scientific high ground when they have ZERO idea of what the heck they are talking about.

txmac 21 Mar 2016

I agree! The FDA requires the same pills NOT be marked differently in case of accidental ingestion the poison control center needs to be able to find out what was taken. Its all the same. However, if you buy from Mexico... you wont get the same pill! As well, they are about to make it where you can no longer buy these antibiotics online without a prescription OR buy them in pet stores without a prescript from the vet. Too many doomsdayer people ruined it.

txmac 21 Mar 2016

Billions of pills mad at the same time! They don't stop production, clean up the machines, and mix up a new batch for animal use only. It would cost a fortune the pill companies aren't going to spend. Good lord. I have taken it and don't have hairy nips or anything from doing so. I laugh. The internet has made us all as ignorant as a Kardashian.

scbbc81 6 May 2016

I have bought them once before actually for my fish when they had a bacterial infection. And I started to get a UTI once and my doctor couldnt see me for a few day and I wasn't about to go to the ER so I took some for a few days and it was starting to clear up but Amoxacillin isn't the best for UTI but it helped keep it in check until I could see my doctor.

I wouldn't reccommend self dosing or self-medicating without seeing a doctor ASAP (Just as a until I can get to my doctor.) the second you can as there could be a larger underlying problem. And since I did see my doctor it turned out my kidney was also infected and the Amoxicillin doesn't really do much for the kidneys.

jbsthrall 1 Sep 2016

I found a definitive answer that satisfied me that fish mox is safe for humans. The marking on the side of Thomas' Fish Mox Forte is "AA 825". When you look that up on's Pill Identifier cite it identifies it as amoxicillin - for humans. Check it out ( It does not mention anything about the product being for fish. This convinces me that the fish and human versions are identical, for that brand at least.

Senesack 6 Sep 2016

I was actually in the same boat about a year ago. I have actually done the same research and even tested it. Fish can be very sensative and there for need the same purity (if not purer) amoxicillin than people do. My old lady had this abscessed tooth, I could only afford a dentist visit and I needed to get her a prescription before the visit because they wouldn't work on her if the area was swollen. So I did research and even ordered some fish mox. That's right, I gave my fiance fish antibiotics(A 45). Sure enough, it worked with no unintended side effects. Don't worry, fish amoxicillin is safe, just be sure you read the label to make sure that's all you're getting.

Jenna_B76 19 Sep 2016

Aquatic & avian antibiotics are safe for humans as long as the ONLY ingredient is the antibiotic itself. Dava labs produces the Fish-Mox-Forte & they are IDENTICAL to the human equivalent, right down to the identifying markers/numbers.

Vicki1956 22 Sep 2016

I have used fish Mox for my cats. I have taken it myself. Did research on it and even asked my doctor and vet about it. They said it is the exact same thing that you get from pharmacy only without a prescription. I found out about it from a friend that had no health insurance and took it with no problems. I find it in local feed stores. They only carry 250 mg. If you need 500 take 2. Works just as well. As with any medication take sparingly as you can build up a tolerance for it and it won't work so be careful. And no I didn't grow scales or gills

Janice01 17 Oct 2016
Nursali 19 Oct 2016

I have taken this numerous times, when I was beginning to get an Upper Respiratory Infection, and it indeed got rid of my infection before it got worse. Works well for sinus, sore throat, ears, etc.

hollyhockdoll 26 Oct 2016

No matter what anyone says- as long as the numbers/shape of the pill matches that of "human" amoxicillin/penicillin/cephalexin then it is the same pill. On the labels of the aquatic antibiotics it says "Not intended for human use" because it is REQUIRED TO. It's a law, they only have to put that to cover themselves and that's how it sells so cheap- because it's "intended" for fish.
I get tonsillitis upwards of 3-5 times a year (can't yet afford a surgery) and I don't have the money to go to a doctor every time I need antibiotics for it. So this is a life saver. If you don't wanna try it that's your opinion, but it's the exact same pill. Period point blank.

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