Met with a psychologist this morning. Turned out that I have definitely been reacting to the Ambien. He said it could take my body a few days to a few weeks to get over the withdrawal symptoms of the Ambien because of my medical history. I am off of that & since the Rozerem has not been working, he is switching me to Seroquel. He told me to try 25mg & if not enough to switch to 50mg & I might have to try 100, but feels that 25 or at most 50 should do the trick. Have any of you tried this & if so, how was it? Only planning on being on it long enough to get my sleep cycles back in track & then I am coming off of everything. He is also continuing me on Klonipin for the anxiety. We figured that a lot of this was brought on from long term use of Ambien. Any help concerning Seroquel would be extremely helpfull. Thanks in Advance... Tara