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How long does gabapentin take to actually get going in your system? Does it need to build up?

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gather 17 Oct 2013

Hi yes it takes a while they gave me 300mg 2a day for a mouth then went up 2four times a day and now its up to 2 every hours and doctor is still talking about going up for fibroidmyalga .I have read so many posts about how awful it is getting off this drug
I would read some of the peoples post about what they went though because of this drug coming off it. I don't take it even though I'm surpose to because I don't want to go threw all the things they did.

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Inactive 8 June 2011

If taking for nerve pain the doctor usually start you at 300mg for one week & if you don't seem to have to many side effects will increase another 300mgs. weekly until you feel relief. This can take a month or longer. Each person is different & will react differently...

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Inactive 9 June 2011

I am on Gabapentin 600mg (300mg twice a day). I started it 2 1/2 weeks ago at 300mg and just raised it to 600mg a day 3 days ago. I am doing GREAT!!

For me this is to treat migraine as a preventative. I am hoping it will work. I seem to be having more "good" days and more productive days.

I like the gabapentin, it seems to "calm" my brain, like a soothing balm or something. Anyway, it seems like the "Firestorm /Electrical Storm" that was always in my head seems to be quieter. Less pain makes for a more productive human being and a happier one :)

Inactive 9 June 2011

Glad to hear that! Never heard of it used for migraine. Did a neurologist prescribe it for you? Maybe he had an idea something else was going on up there.I had migraine for over 35 years & all I wanted to do was put my head in a cement crusher!, but Immitrex shots stopped mine on the spot, & with each shot they got less frequent & less severe until they completely stopped. Am glad the gabepetin is working for you...

delira 14 June 2011

I believe the gabapenten has something in that must relax the brain and or perhaps the central nervous system. My mom use to shake really bad especially her head had many tests run and nothing was really diagnosed, but since she has been on the gabapenten she has been extremely calm!!
P.S love the numbers in your name 777.

Inactive 16 June 2011

gabepentin is actually a seizure medication that is used for other coditions so can see why it has had a calming effect for both of you. Once again, glad it is working. Good luck to you.

Punta Cana 17 Oct 2013

I was just prescribed Gabaentin for my migraines, I take 100 mg three times a day... prescribed by neurologist... sure hope it will help..are there any side effects I should be looking for. Previously on Topomax and after years on this medication it wasn't working.

LaurieShay 8 June 2011

Hey delira,

Yes, the gabapentin does need to build in the system some. You should notice some results in a week or so and it may continue to get better with continued use.

Best wishes,


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peggylee 12 June 2011

Hey delira,
I've been on gabapentin for approx. 1 1/2 years and my level of pain prior to getting diagnosed was a 10 out of 1-10. I have peripherial neuropathy in my feet. I did't think it would work, they won't give me anything stronger for my pain but I can say with the continued regular dosage of 4 pills a day my pain level is now 4. So, keep up the with the prescription as told to you and if it is not getting better LET the doctor know and get it regulated, I was at my wits end till I found out it was, it will always be with me they say but know I can consentrate on fixing some of my other problems. I 48 and would like to be able enjoy a few years till it's time to go. But my thoughts will be you.

delira 14 June 2011

Thank you Laurie, I appreciate your input.

Thanks again,

delira 14 June 2011

Thank you also Peggy Lee, I really appreciate the input from all who have answered me. My mom bless her heart, had her toes amputated off her right foot due to a heart surg. she had about 12 yrs. ago and about 25% of her tissue and meat in her leg removed at the same time. She has diabetes also. since the surg. she has always had pain, but has learned to overcome, just to try to live a normal life. Now she has neuroapathy pain in those same areas and this is a pain i m told unlike no other. It hurts me to see her in that much pain. The Dr. increased the gabapenten, but when she takes more than one at a time she gets too relaxed and can't remember things sometimes. She however is going to be 75 on the 2nd of July. she also still takes the vikoden to help the pain. Anyways I will pray for you peggylee. As you I m not sure either what a normal body is, I ve been taking meds since I was 21. and I m now 48 or will be in aug. But I really feel bad if you are suffering from neuroapathy.
Thanks again
and God Bless you

peggylee 14 June 2011

Hey delira,
LaurieShay is right, I'm on 400mg they put on 2 capsules a day (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon) but it barely touched my pain in my feet. I was ready to quit taking them but she told me to hang in their and an now I'm taking 4 capsules (1 with each meal and 1 an hour before bed) and I'm glad I didn't give up on it. Just give it awhile and be stern with your doctor as to how you feel and maybe he'll adjust it. One thing to remember is that ONLY YOU know your body so trust in how you feel and I cann't stress it enough, but be direct and don't let a physician demean your feelings or what YOU have to say. Good doctors are VERY hard to find. Sincerely, peggylee free discount card

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