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How long does gabapentin stay in your system and does it show up on drug test?


RedTheresa 4 March 2017

Thanx for pointing out the missing word, Ryan!! That kind of thing makes me crazy!!!

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Inactive 13 Oct 2010

It will stay in your sytem for 1 day, and it is not a drug they test for.

Take care.

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dannyboy79 20 Nov 2011

that's not true about testing. if the test is sent out to a lab(common for most half-way houses) they do tests for gabapentin, due to the fact that neurontin(johnies) is a commonly abused med in sober living communities. but with a quick cup it won't show up. my boy just got kicked outta the 1/2 way house we were in for gabapentin

Inactive 20 Nov 2011

I am sorry you are facing adversity, I wish you and your family the best.

Take care,

pokereasy street 17 Feb 2012

Thank you all who answered. ive never taken them before. i just graduated a program

1961Terri 7 July 2015

Prescription medication should not be used by those who need it. PLEASE stay clean !!I'm epileptic I have taken it & other medications I cannot go anywhere without it be glad you don't need!!

ryanlaird 27 Oct 2015

1961 terri: I'm sure everyone knows what you meant in your post... and agree totally but ... just thought I'd point out though; you left out a "don't" in "prescription meds shouldn't be used by those that (don't) need them".. I might have para-phrased a bit.

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