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How long do you have to use Restasis, or is it a lifetime thing?


suzanne66 24 Jan 2010

That would depend on your history, diagnosis and response to treatment. You are best to ask your doctor.

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Doubting Thomas 13 Dec 2011

First, your doctor is afraid to tell you to stop taking a drug that the maker suggests is a lifetime medication. Why would a doctor risk the chance of losing a lawsuit? Especially since the government is paying for it with YOUR money (the government has no money).

So, IF you have to use it everyday, just use cheap eyedrops. Why pay extra for the same daily inconvience?

I hate drug makers who want to substitute an expensive lifetime drug for an inexpensive over-the-counter product that does the same thing.

Remember, most drugs cure nothing! Remember too that drug companies want you to be a lifetime contributor to their very profitable business. Be wary of their magical snake oil claims!!

cynthiakmilker 18 Nov 2013

@Doubting Thomas: Are you retarded? The drug manufacturer doesn't suggest Restasis is a lifetime drug and the poster never stated that the government paid for any medical treatment of theirs. Restasis is not an "eyedrop" like Visine, it's a prescribed (for good reason) medication that reduces inflammation of the eye (you cannot buy anything like it OTC) so that your body can take over and provide it's own natural lubrication (tears).
I hate Big Pharma, but I'm not stupid enuf to believe that every drug out there is not needed for legitimate reasons. free discount card

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