I started taking Anafranil (clomimpramine) about a month ago for clinical depression and OCD. Starting with 10mg and slowly working up to 100mg. I certainly have dry mouth but can deal with that. The strange taste in my mouth is quite annoying and I was wondering how long I can expect it to last.
I find that I am still quite depressed and still have some OCD. Over the last 16 years I have been on other antidepressants, paxil (approx 8 years), zoloft (approx 8 years) wellbutrin (did not work), remeron (it was really bad for me). I also recently tried cymbalta without much success. I was started at 60mg, then to 90mg, back down to 60mg and now 30mg, trying to wean off it and go onto the anafranil simultaneously and eventually going just on the anafranil. MY Psyh dr. is trying anafranil for the depression, OCD and insomnia. How long can I be on this medication or expect it to work? It is so difficult to change medications and I am so tired of feeling hopeless.The OCD is new to me. It came along with this last episode of severe depression that has lasted 9 months and progressed with different stages of severe depression, anxiety, OCD. This is the 4th major episode of depression that I have experienced in my 54 years. It has likely been the worst and by far the longest. Any advise or comments would help. Thank -you.