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How do you avoid weight gain while taking losartan 50mg?

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Inactive 22 Oct 2012

Hello Irene1234. Try filling up as much as possible on liquids (water) Try and exercise if possible. Regards pledge

Inactive 10 Nov 2013

I'm on losartan. I take 100mg daily. I've only been on this for 5 months and u have gained 22 Ibs. I go to the gym 5 times a week and always eat healthy. No matter what I do u cannot stop the weight gain. This has been extremely depressing for me as u have always been athletic. I have lost all my definition including my six pack I worked so hard for. I decided to take myself off the losartan but ended up collapsing at work with extremely high blood pressure so started to take it again. In the 4 days that I hadn't taken it i lost 4 Ibs. My gp won't change my medication so I have now decided to change my gp.

will-power 20 Mar 2018

Many medication causes weight gain. Someone I know is using this drug. She gained a lot of weight without realizing the cause. I suspected it and began to ask the question on Google search. One time my doctor prescribed Methylprednisolone for me to use for 5 days because of a skin allergy. The drug did not help that allergy. Instead it caused me to gain 5 pounds in 3 days. I was furious. I always had a very slim figure and could easily take off a pound of two if I had gain that by eating too much. But I was not able to shed those 5 pound ever. I am furious. Generally I refuse to take medication because of all the disgusting and harmful side effects. free discount card

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