... I have no idea what my blood test results were, I just received a phone call and told to pick up my prescription and start taking 20,000 IU, 500 mcg of Vitamin D3, 3 times per week for 3 months then get tested again.

This seems like a high dose to me, so wondering how low my levels must be. We live in the northern part of the UK which doesn't get much sun this time of year, but we do walk a lot, and my diet seems pretty good. I do sufferer from Hashimoto's and wondered if this might be the reason.

Sorry for all the mismatch of information, still feeling a little confused.

Why do I have to take 3 tablets per week? I see some people take a higher dose weekly, what are the pros and cons for this? Why not take a smaller dose daily? I have no idea about this deficiency, I think our GP has only just started testing for it which is why mine got picked up