Every SINGLE night when I try and lay down and go to sleep. If I sleep on my left side with my right ear facing the ceiling... it gets like these spasms... you know how sometimes you will have a twitch on your arm or leg and you can watch it, that's what it reminds me of. If I put my finger in my ear, I can actually feel it spasm... it doesn't hurt but it's SO annoying, and it's absolutely impossible to sleep if I continue laying in that position. I HAVE to roll over. If I roll over and lay on my other side with me actually laying on my right ear it won't do it. But then during the day sometimes my left ear will want to do it... but 2X faster that the right, but it's usually only for a couple minutes. But my right ear does it EVERY night like clock-work, and I can NEVER sleep with it facing the ceiling, does anyone have ANY clue what this is or why it's happening??