had... inj.'s, pain meds that worked only for short time? Well, I could write the book!I'm certain Dr.s thought I just wanted pain meds. I became pro-active, basically diagnosing myself. I took all the info to new Dr.I finally started on Lyrica,tai chi ex., better diet.Am on 75 mg 4 a day. Do I need to ask for higher dosage as I still have full body muscle spasms and nerve twiching through back,shoulders neck and finally my head. It hurts so bad I can barely breathe.I really wonder Lyrica should be increased.Is there a pain med. that can be taken when pain level is close to 10.Have prescription for 375 mg Naproxen 1 twice daily(useless)Very hard to explain fibro life to someone else.I want to have my life quality back, as I have spent too much time nearly housebound,not knowing what was wrong. Felt as tho was losing my mind(fibrofog). I am so thankful I have at last found my way to a better life. After much reading I find many are taking nearly twice my dosage. Could I find more relief if Dr. OK's higher dose.What are other things I might add to my routine? Would like to hear from other fibro folks. Dr.'s are new at this in my area. How about acupunture or other therapies?.I am desperate to get back to my garden after years.Does weather(southern IN. cloudy, wet, miserable-depressing) play a role in fibro?