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Has anyone noticed weight gain while using Stelara?

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Dana13 11 Jan 2021

OMG. YES!!! Crazy. Was on Humira first. Had antibodies working against it. Started Stelara in May. Supposed to take my next shot today. Not doing it. I have gained 20 pounds and I’ve changed nothing in my lifestyle!! Going to Gastro today. I’m stopping this.

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HintonEast 29 Nov 2020

I lost 10 pounds while I was quite sick with IBD, over 1 year. Once on the shot, I gained back 10 pounds in 3 weeks, then continued to gain another 25 extra pounds over next 4 months.

I can only say, I was always 210 - 215 pounds. At 6 feet and muscular. Which was 15 pounds overweight for me. But being 55, I got it. Now I am holding steady at 239 - 241 pounds. Not happy. Still working outside. I need to retire so I can x-ski more, and swim more. I will win this in the end.

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rlelswick 21 Feb 2020

I had my infusion and now my second injection. I hadn't noticed a weight problem, but lots of tiredness. After my second injection, I have gained 8 pounds in two weeks. This is unusual for

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Slwallace 23 March 2019

I started Stelara a month ago and I have gained 10 pounds despite no changes in my eating habits and going to the gym 5 days a week.

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acmelabs 4 Oct 2018

I have never been one to gain or loose weight intentionally or otherwise in what some might consider a short period of time. I have been the same 15-20 pounds overweight for many years. Not a problem for me. At the end of the first six months taking Stelara I had gained thirty five pounds over my norm.

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mandb0120 3 Oct 2018

YES... The weight gain was slow after the first long dose; however, after getting my first injection I gained 10 in two weeks. I am freaking out. Everyday I get on the scale and I have gained more weight. I do yoga and cycle at least 5x a week. I am careful with what I eat, and I am still gaining weight. I don't think I will take my next dose in November

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suzanne66 4 May 2011

Sorry, weight gain is not a reported side effect of Stelara.

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