Hi Everyone. I am sorry I haven't been on lately. I'm having such a hard time and now I'm noticing that the generic Subutex' s all act differently. I was on the little round white pill and that made me feel like I was going through withdrawal and I was sweating unbelievably. Now I have a different generic Subutex which looks like the real Subutex (oval and long) and I feel almost drugged out on 2 mg I can not think and I feel paranoid. Why did they have to change this when I'm already having problems tapering? I just took Lexapro which I was prescribed and thought maybe that was causing the side effects but now I don't think it was the Lexapro so I'm going to see if that makes me feel better. I feel like taking something for anxiety but sometimes if I do during the day I get nauseous. What a nightmare this is! :)