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How hard is it to wean off of Lexapro 5 mg? I have been taking it for about 9 months?


Catholicmom 28 March 2022

5mg sounds like a low dose and therapeutically it is but compared to some other SSRI brands it is stronger. For example with lexapro’s ‘sister’ drug Citalopram 5mg lexapro is equivalent to 10mg citalopram. Therefore I would recommend speaking to your doctor and asking for liquid lexapro in order to help you wean off comfortably. Perhaps start at 4mg and hold for a month before moving down to 3mg and so on. Some people can come off quickly and suffer no effects but for others a fast withdrawal can cause nasty symptoms. Slow and steady wins the race!

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Florencia69 23 Jan 2023

After taking Lexapro for over 10 years - ostensibly for "chronic pain" - I lost my memory and realized it never helped my pain. One day, without medical advice, I decided to just stop taking it. The withdrawal symptoms were so awful and numerous, I do not wish to remember them.
SUMMARY: It took two-and-a-half YEARS of suffering to feel "normal" again.
Thankfully, at the time, I was retired, lived in the mountains - away from people and traffic - and was able to withdraw from the world. I could not read, watch television or communicate with my friends.
I know many folks who feel incapable of terminating their use of this drug. Blessings to those who try to withdraw from it. Yes, "slow and steady" is the best advice I can provide. Do NOT try what I did! free discount card

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