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How hard is to wean off of 5 mg of escitalopram? I have been taking it for about 9 months?

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Catholicmom 26 March 2022

I would ask for a script of liquid lexapro and do a slow wean from 5mg to 0.

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WildcatVet 26 March 2022

If you do a long taper under your doctor's supervision you may not have any problems. It depends on the individual... some people can stop easily, others may have some discontinuation symptoms.
I had to stop abruptly for an unrelated medical condition and I had no symptoms at all.
Best regards,

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Marla82 31 March 2022

Hi WildcatVet,
What dose were you on when you had to stop and how long had you been taking it? It seems like people sometimes only report how bad it is and that scares me. I think that is true with so many medications that only the bad is posted but I am sure there are many people who experience no symptoms or very few symptoms. If we read all the side effects that "can occur" on any medication no one would take medication. I realize they have to list all possible side effects but the majority of people are fine.

WildcatVet 31 March 2022

I started at 10mg but increased it to 20 mg/day and I took it for about 7 years.
You're very right... most people who haven't had any problems don't usually sit around writing comments and reviews. They just go on with their lives.
That's why I'm here, to give a different and more optimistic viewpoint.
I feel sorry for people who have trouble with taking or stopping medications but you have to remember that they are in the minority of patients.
Take care and good luck to you.

Inactive 25 March 2022

It depends on the individual, I have read stories from those who are no longer taking this medication, to five days, two-three weeks, sometimes a month, before they see results. Again, it depends on the individual's ability to handle side effects, of the withdrawal phases.

Try this while you are going thru the process. Stress related tablets. Gingko Bilboa, Ginseng, L-Theanine, GABA, B-12, Evening Primrose. Drink this with green tea. In the evening Valerian, Ashwagandha, drink this with chamomile tea.

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