I have always felt the ampyra has helped me with my walking but with the ampyra going generic and the assistance fund not able to help anymore I may not be able to afford it anymore so I am afraid of what will happen to me physically if I have to stop taking it? Acorda told me that 2 weeks after I stop taking it I will go back to how I was before I started it. I started taking it not long after I was diagnosed and have been on it 5 years. I don't remember how I was before I started it, I just know I have always believed it helped me. Since I started using it I have fallen and broke my hip and wrist 2017 and had my hip and wrist replaced. This made my MS progress alot so I can not walk much and use a wheelchair. I am a widow and live alone I worry if I get unable to walk at all and can't take care of myself what then? Right now as long as I have the ampyra I am able to take care of myself. advice is needed