I ran out of mirtazapine (30mg per day) which I take for severe anxiety along with Effexor and forgot to pick it up last night so I had to miss that dose, and so I picked it up today but I just went to take it and I think I forgot it at the till when I bought groceries and had it with me, and now the store is closed so I’m going to miss two nights in a row... it helps me sleep so I already barely slept last night and now I won’t be able to sleep again tonight, I’m wondering if I take it in the morning (if I can find it) will it make me too drowsy to function? Because when I take it at night it knocks me out and if I try to fight it I feel drunk and woozy. I have to work at 5pm so it can’t debilitate me for that. Will I start to withdraw if I don’t take it until tomorrow night? I have such severe anxiety when I’m not on my meds that I can’t leave the house, I don’t want to have that.