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Is it good to Ddink milk with amoxicillin?

4 Answers

HailStateNattyChamps 9 Jan 2022

The first two answers are false. Although you should avoid drinking milk or consuming other dairy with most antibiotics, it is perfectly fine to drink milk with amoxicillin. It will not interfere with absorption.

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SHEsevEN4 22 June 2015

Eat before you take it, so it want up set your stomach.

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sandy carver 22 April 2015

Do not drink milk while u r on any type of antibiotics. It will dilute the ingredients in the med and you will not get the full benefits of it if any

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Psyched 22 April 2015

Amoxicilian does not work well (if at all) when taken with milk. The calcium in the milk binds the antibotic and prevents the stomach acid from allowing it to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the gut. Amoxicilian has to be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract so that it can enter the bloodstream and be delivered to the affected area for which the antibiotic is intended.

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