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Can I take the garcinia Cambogia if I am taking the levothyroxin pill for thyroid?

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DemoninDC 12 Jan 2014

As long as you are not pregnant, breastfeeding, taking a diabetic medication (like insulin or glyburide), or a statin and you don't have Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia you should be fine. You should talk to your doctor if you are taking other medications.

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readthefile 12 Apr 2014

Wrong. I am a medical professional as well as a thyroid cancer survivor. I had a patient give me some garcinia capsules to try after mentioning weight loss. In four days I GAINED eight pounds and the stuff wiped out my thyroid hormone.

Because these supplements are not regulated byt he FDA there are no studies but I can tell you this is what happened to me so wou;d absolutely NOT recommend any patient taking synthetic thyroid hormone to use garcinia products.

appreciatethehelp 6 May 2014

I tried the Garcinia Cambogia and started gaining weight and was very confused. Then it hit me. Do not take Garcinia Camogia if you are on tyroid medication. You will gain weight. I gained 5 pounds in a two week period and I was going to the gym 5 days a week.

Casbah Kitten 21 May 2014

I recently started taking Garcinia Cambogia and I also take thyroid meds. I've been taking Garcinia for 5 days with no weight loss and I've become increasingly exhausted... to the point where I can barely make it through a day at work. Today I felt exhausted and felt as though there were a lump in my throat so I thought THYROID! I checked my pulse rate and it was 58 beats per minute. Well, duh. No wonder I'm exhausted! I think the Garcinia has adversely affected my thyroid so I'm throwing it OUT! I'll just eat less and if I lose weight, I lose weight. If I don't, I don't. It's not worth ruining my health further just to be a few pounds thinner.

Lpdaisey 3 Dec 2014

I thought I was going crazy assuming garçinia was making me gain weight and the fatigue was terrible. I took it 3 weeks and i had fluid retention, puffy eyes as well as dry burning eyes ,fatigued more than normal and foggy thinking . I decided to weigh myself and sure enough ten lbs later?? It was messing with my thyroid meds I know it. I stopped it today and will be curiouse to see what happens the next week . So disappointed

Amandaweyers 4 Jan 2015

Sorry but i agree with the doc. I bought the product and within the first couple of days i ate everything i could find that was not bolted down. Needless to say i gained 10pounds in just over a week. I immediately threw the rest of the bottle away. Now i am struggling to loose this extra weight aswell ! :(. Can someone please tell me why we the luck Hypo-thyroidsm woman can't use this product. I am so overweight, supposedly obese (bmi) and nothing will help, now mot even this.
Thanks for listening :)

Amandaweyers 4 Jan 2015

Sorry but i agree with the doc. I bought the product (gambogia and cleanse) and within the first couple of days i ate everything i could find that was not bolted down. Needless to say i gained 10pounds in just over a week. I immediately threw the rest of the bottle away. Now i am struggling to loose this extra weight aswell ! :(. Can someone please tell me why we the luck Hypo-thyroidsm woman can't use this product. I am so overweight, supposedly obese (bmi) and nothing will help, now mot even this.
Thanks for listening :)

camerabug6 17 Jan 2015

Not accurate! I am on Levothyroxin for previous thyroid cancer and since I have started taking Garcinia Cambrogia I have gained 12 lbs in 1 1/2 months! I have never eaten healthier in my life, NO JUNK FOOD, smaller portions when I eat, and I am a gym nut. My niece told me this could be working against my thyroid med and she's obviously correct! I'm stopping it TODAY! And here I thought I had done all my research :-/

DBlanchard 19 Jul 2016


camerabug6 19 Jul 2016

No you cannot take garcinia if you take thyroid med!! I did it and it made me GAIN 10 lbs in 30 days! It threw my thyroid level WAY WAY WAY off!! I didn't research it enough before taking it for weight loss. It has the OPPOSITE reaction for thyroid med users!!

Lauren202 25 Oct 2016

I have a question, would I be allowed to take Garcinia Cambodia if I have no thyroid? I WAs born without a thyroid and take 125 mil of levothyroxine. I don't technically have thyroid issues I just don't have one period.

Roy85 2 Aug 2017

Thank you! All your answers help.

Bonbrown 19 May 2014

I to take synthroid for 10 years for my hypothyroid. I'm pretty healthy and really only need to loose 10lbs give or take a lb, so I recently started to loose weight the right way and was doing the low calorie thing and exercising, 3 weeks in and a couple of lbs down I decided to use garcinia cambogia well 2 days later I was feeling exhausted and I mean hypothyroid exhausted, but I didn't think anything of it, then I started getting hungry and couldn't eat enough still not thinking nothing. But by day 4 I was physically unable to keep my eyes open and was walking around with a box of Girl Scout cookies. My husband said "its your thyroid meds"! And I started thinking how could it be? How could I get this low this fast? Then it hit me its the garcinia. Which lead me to here googling the same question to see if my suspicions where correct.


And I see the other responses confirmed what I thought. So I suggest you stay away from it.
Hope this helps!

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linda53 16 Apr 2015

I have to say thank you because I realized I am gaining weight instead of losing.Now I was talking75 mpg of syntroid and I was still gaining weight now on 112 syntroid to much sweating it like a ride. I am hoping to see my doctor today. Thanks for the information.

Runnerfly 13 Jun 2014

Thanks for your answers, I just purchased a bottle of garcinia cambogia cause as anyone with hypothyroidism knows, losing weight sucks... Glad to see so many reviews before I cracked the bottle and made it non refundable. Thanks! :)

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trishalimon 10 Jul 2014

Runnerfly I am hypothyroid and I was wondering if you could please update on you're experience with Garcinia Cambogia. Thank you

herbalnut 21 Dec 2014

I have hypothyroidism and take meds for it. I have been taking Garcia Cambodia for about 4 months now. I am exhausted all of the time, and all I want to do is sleep. I will stop taking it starting today and see if my normal energy level returns.

Sunshin 18 Jan 2015

I have hypothyroidism for the last 10 years. I take Levothyroxine. I was wondering about this Garcinia cambogia also to lose weight and glad I see the comments that say not to use it. It is hard enough to lose weight with thyroid condition let alone having this put weight on and have trouble taking it off.

I don't if anyone else has noticed - When I stress a lot over something that my thyroid readings go out of whack. Thank you for the information here, I really found it very helpful.

jerritad01 27 Sep 2015

can a person use garcinia cambodia extract while taking some arv's?

Inactive 16 Dec 2015

I only used them one day, I have an underactive thyroid, going to bin them. Thanks for the information folks

OneBigHippie 11 Aug 2017

I had the opposite effect. I started taking GC and lost 10 pounds. I didn't have to count calories or work out or anything hard. It also helped lower BP so I could get off the BP meds. I would recommend it to anybody who has positive reactions, but with all pills, if you have negative side effects from it, then don't. It is not made for everybody. It has made huge difference for me.

Areid1289 26 Jun 2015

have bbeen taking levothyroxine for hypothyroidism approximately a year, and I just started taking the garcinia Cambodia a week ago in an attempt to lose some of the weight I've gained. I take the levothyroxine and the garcinia together as soon as I wake up, then the garcinia 2 more times- afternoon and approximately an hour before bedtime. This week I have experienced the worst case of exhaustion/ fatigue I have ever experienced in my life approximately ½ hour- 45 after taking the morning dose. It is so bad that I have to lie down verses sitting to keep from falling over onto the floor. I wasn't sure what the garcinia Cambodia was interacting with until I read this thread.

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Bravo003 23 Nov 2015

I take levothyroxine for hypothyroidism..I have been taking Garcinia for 3 weeks now.. I'm having headaches about 45 mins after taking the Garcinia I'm wore out now everyday ... Thank you everyone for the advise..

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Bigfive50 1 Apr 2016

Can I take garcinia Cambodia if am taking the levothyroxine pill for thyroid

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Pebe 20 Apr 2016

I have underactive thyroid I am 40 pounds overweight I've been taking my thyroid medicine since I was 12 years old I would like to know how to lose weight safe without it affecting my thyroid cause my thyroids already out of whack

DBlanchard 19 Jul 2016

Thanks to everyone for your quick responses! I truly appreciate each and every one of them. I take 112.5 much Levothyroxine daily and still deal with fatigue to a certain level! I don't want to add to that fatigue by any means! So please, I truly do appreciate all of your responses! It has helped me make my decision upon Garcinia Cambogia!

Do any of you all know of anything else that may possibly work? I am limited in exercises due to failed back surgery. Kind of a catch 22 situation!. Again. Thanks so very, very much for your replies!!! ☺

SophieStar777 28 Jul 2017

You actually need to increase you thyroxine medication but the dr wont tell you this because they arnt up to date with it yet. Get onto a thyroid support group on facebook they will tell you what to do.

Regina Ledford 17 Feb 2018

I brought forskolin through the internet and they sent me a bottle of garcinia Cambodia with it. I was going to start taking these today but I'm glad I didn't, after reading the comments on it! I had thyroid cancer and had my thyroid took out. I need something to help me drop some pounds. I take levothyroxine,100mcg. Any suggestions ?

DBlanchard 19 Jul 2016

Can I take Garcinia Cambodia if I am taking Levothyroxine?

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Leclair315 22 Aug 2016

Thanks to all the answers i found on here i now know not to purchase garcinia cambogia i also take 112 mgm of synthroid. If anyone knows of something safe that works i would like to know am limited to any exercises due to severe back pain

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Susie13que 16 Dec 2016

I am so glad I read responses to this question. I have been taking garcinia cambogia on and off for the last few months. Have experienced the fatigue other writers have mentioned. I did lose 4-5 lbs at first, but gained it back. I went to the Dr. and had my TSH level checked and it was 55 (higher than it was when I was diagnosed in 1993. Normal level is 0.5 - 5.0. I knew I had missed taking a few pills here and there but didn't think my TSH level should be that high. YIKES! Then, I thought "have I done anything different" and the only thing was the addition of garcinia cambogia. I will quit taking it immediately. As far as the exercise question, walking is very good, drink 8-10 glasses of water daily, add light weight lifting if able and try eating small amounts of healthy foods 5-6 x/day.


Ask your doctor to recheck TSH to make sure the dose you're on is correct. Personally, I don't think once a year is often enough to check it (which is the routine schedule) especially for people who are harder to control their thyroid levels.

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Bunchiebabe 31 Jan 2017

I tried it today and it caused hypothyroid symptoms like constipation, exhaustion and like i couldnt get full... i had to take iodine to feel better again. I do not reccomend to anyone with thyroid problems

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drfaithw55 19 Feb 2017

Wooow! I keep seeing this weight loss products first on Dr Oz show. I checked it out and it said that if you have thyroid issues u cannot take the product. I take a synthroid product for over 15 yrs, weight issues up/down. Also, due to back issues I'm unable to exercise. Thks for the info.

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Dinkygreenwoodrucker 22 Feb 2017

This was my question. I'm on levothyroxine 75mg increased to 88 just recently. I'm being monitored by testing. I never thought I'd have a weight issue. I was a Sze 2 to 4 for 50 years. I don't eat meat mostly vegetables. I had begin to go a size up then again but had not changed my diet. I began to get sick and ended up in the hospital and then was diagnosed with this horrible condition. I begin to research to understand what I was feeling and ways that I could lose weight to no avail. It's not only lynn the weight that attacks you it's depression, body aches, heart palpitations, hair loss, skin issues this condition is much more than weight gain even though, that becomes the main focus. Hypothyroidism can control your whole being if you allow to.


A coworker of mine beat the odds, however, she cut out everything sugar, carbs, pops, excercises 7 days a week but she loss the weight. All things are possible but at what price. I'm glad I read the reviews my last result was to try the weight pills but I will not do this. I will thank God I'm alive do what I xan to help myself and take my meds. Thanks everyone. Blessings

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amystoessel315 28 Mar 2017

I had a total thyroidectomy due to cancer and after 2 yrs my levothyroxine is finally working. I started Garcinia cambogia 3 weeks ago along with apple cider vinegar and I've lost weight. The only thing I've noticed this time around is flush faced and neck. But my pcp and endocrinologist said it was ok to take with my medicine because it's a fruit. There is absolutely nothing in it that is harmful unless your allergic to the fruit itself. I feel more energized and healthy than I have since my surgery. And I was very depressed for a while due to gaining ground 50 pounds from the surgery. Now I fell unbelievable.every ones system is different. Just make sure to talk to your dr before doing anything :)

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Queenenergizer 25 Apr 2017

I take garcinia with a natural clenser. I work out 6 days a week and eat poultry, fish, salads, low fruit and veggies. I have a cheat meal once a week. I am on 88mg of tyroid meds. You cannot take them together. Spacem 30mins apart at least. I do 2 -4 hrs to play it safe. Big differnce cut my appetite and more energy. Try it, it works.

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Lizzygroves777 12 Nov 2017

So you take vitalcleanse complete and ultimate slim together is that right?? Are you taking levythyroxine aswell??

Dula14 19 May 2017

I am on 100 mg. of levothyroxine and this medication by it self made me extremely tired. I researched and learned that it is best to take it alone at bed time because it should not be mixed with ANYTHING except for the 8oz. of water you take it with. This change has made a world of difference in how I feel and rest at night. Additionally, after a good breakfast or breakfast & morning snack then take the garcinia cambogia and you will see your energy change immediately.

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