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Is Gabapentin used for hot flashes and night sweats?


butterflylynn 27 June 2012

Yes Gabapentin / Neurontin is prescribed for hot flashes & night sweats & works Really good.

I had a total hysterectomy when I was 30 yrs old.
And I have a blood disorder (Factor 5 Lieden) that thickens my blood. So due to this I could not take any type of Hormone replacement therapy.
My family Dr. put me on several different types of medications that Did Not work. So he sent my to my gynocologist & he put me on the Gabapentin about 16 yrs ago. And it is Still working great & I had Really Bad hot flashes & night sweats were I actually had to change clothes 3-4 times a day.

My Dr. told me then that I will come across will just be confused that I was taking this med for hot flashes.. And I have had several doctors that are totally surprised... But It Works Great.

I hope you get the same relief as I have. Until someone has had these they really have NO CLUE it is like someone lights a fire on your body.
Hope you cool down, Kathy

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Inactive 27 June 2012

Hello Bling52. Yes it is. Gabapentin is prescribed off label for hot flashes as well as in the treatment of bi-polar diorder, in the treatment for alcoholism, as well as migraines and several other diganosis. Best of wishes to you, pledge

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