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Can gabapentin cause decreased ability to achieve orgasm in women?


cindy-59 13 Nov 2018

Hi Kalanzmom. I know it’s been a couple years since you asked this question about Gabapentin but I’m hoping you will see my answer. I tried Lyrica and Cymbalta and both of them caused me the same problem. I’ve heard from many others that Gabapentin does it too. Sex toys or watching movies will not make any difference. Just think about it; these medications calm down nerves! That’s why it happens. I hope you’re doing better. Maybe even quit taking Gabapentin and found something else that has helped you. These types of medications play havoc with our bodies and our lives. I will never take another medication like these again. Take care. Cindy

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squirrellover 8 Aug 2016

This question is seeking a direct answer. You may only reply once to this question so please take the time to ensure quality in your response.

You didn't specify if that is the only medication you are taking. I am on 6 different medications & my libido is still great. As well as my ability to orgasm. Have you considered using toys along with your partner to help you? I am only allowed to respond once so I hope you are able to get some relief.

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Kalanzmom 8 Aug 2016

Maybe it's just my body slowing down because I'm 58 but I'm still taking Premarin after a total hysterectomy 20 years ago. The thing is I have toys, videos, books, etc. and my husband and I have always had a great sex life up until about a year ago when I started having trouble achieving an orgasm and now everything feels great but I seem to almost get there then, nothing. I love sex, still do. I hate what's happening to me .

squirrellover 8 Aug 2016

I am so sorry. My husband & I are the same. Very sexual & enjoy sex. You know Gabapentin isn't something you have to take daily, right? Have you tried not taking it to see if the problem goes away? free discount card

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