My doctor gave me zanaflex 4mg and took me off flexeril because i told her that the flexeril was like taking water,i had noticed no difference whatsoever in the month of taking them. So my question is,zanaflex is a stronger muscle relaxer? I sure hope so because i have not slept in months due to pain,they gave me sleeping pills,but i didnt want to get myself hooked on those,so i stopped taking them. Im also on percocets,xanax,zoloft and aldactone. I just want to know if anyone took zanaflex before,and if so,did it work,and also did it make you feel weird/funky? I havent taken one yet,i am such a paranoid freak about feeling weird,lol,seriously,i know that sounds stupid,but i just have to be in control of my mind,or it freaks me out. thanks:)