I'm prescribed Fioricet, Topamax and Robaxin for my headaches. Sometimes my medications. Some times they work and some times they don't, unfortunately and I'm not too sure why. I get tension in my neck muscles really bad and a lot (and I mean a lot) of pressure at the base of skull. My neurologists keep insisting botox. I'm highly against this. Only because I've researched it and I don't like what I've seen. I have asthma, I was born 3 1/2 months early as well as cancer is very ramped in family. My mother has the same type of headaches and she sees a pain specialist. She gets shots at the base every 3 months, if I remember correctly, along with taking a bunch of medication. I do know that I am allergic to neurotins and for me this is quite unfortunate. I say this because they were helping my headaches but I was getting the severe mental and mood side affects. I'm 21 years old. I've been on 16 different medications. I do not want Botox to be part of this whatsoever. I would just like this solved and for a doctor of experience to help and to listen to me. Can you?? Can you answer the question above as well as help with what I've just said. I can explain more if you'd like. I can give you my email, my phone number. Please be in Tempe, AZ. It would make this simpler, but answers in general would be worth my while right now.