I am asking because I was in a long-distance relationship and my girlfriend was feeling very ill and went to the ER and found out it was cirrhosis of her liver and she didn't know anything prior to this that she had it. She spent 10 days in the hospital and one day in hospice care and then she passed away she was only 57 years old. I would like to know what her last weeks were like because I was not there with her and she downplayed her illnesses so that I wouldn't worry because there was so much distance between us. I know over the last couple of years she was sick with different things but refused to see a doctor but I told her you're getting ill an awful lot. The last month all she would say was that her back was 'tired' but I now know it was her liver failing. I wish she would have seen a doctor a couple years ago then maybe she would have known what was happening and maybe stop her from drinking alcohol. I'm really struggling with this cause I feel like I could have helped her had I known. I need to know just what was happening to her the last month of her life because I'm sure she wasn't telling me everything that was going on. I know it won't change anything or bring her back but I want to know how she really felt. I'm so empty and alone now and feel as tho I failed her.