I have been suffering for months
Dizzy spells
Brain fog
Aches and pains
Bloating, benching, diahrea/constipation
Belly ache with sharp pains
Feels like a brick in my chest
Weight loss

Finally after weeks of doctors telling me I'm perfectly healthy I have been diagnosed with h.pylori my endoscopy said my stomach was clear but they did find it with the biopsy

I have just finished a 7 day triple Theorpy and I have been slowly gaining more strength but notice I have 2-3 days where symptoms get really really bad I have been in and out of hospital and to be honest am struggling emotionally with dealing with this :( and finding it hard to feel like this is ever going to improve

I have changed by diet to no sugars... Low carbs... Probiotics... Trying to eat lots of greens and onion and garlic and protein and I feel like it should be making some difference :(

Help I need some stories of success and encouragement PLEASE