During the last week of November I started feeling nauseated and bloated. It wasn't all of the time and it would get worse if I was stressed. It was almost finals week so I thought I was the stress that was making me sick. Right after finals I started to suspect my boyfriend of cheating on me so I was still stressed. It turns out he was and dumped me a few days after Christmas. When I went back down to school just after the New Year, I thought maybe all of the emotional stress was making me sick. I never felt like eating and when I did I would often throw it up. I lost about 15 lbs bringing my weight down to 108 lbs for a 5' 4", 18-year old girl. It wasn't until mid-January that I got it checked out and they said I had bacteria called H pylori. With no insurance I spent $230 on three prescriptions that I took twice a day for two weeks. I had hoped that I would finally feel better after the treatment but I didn't. I felt even worse the next week. I was throwing up every little thing I ate. I couldn’t even hold down a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt. When the nausea would get better it seems I would feel more pain in my stomach. Since then I have still felt really sick. I would throw up 6-8 times a day. The doctor said I couldn’t get tested to see if the bacteria is gone until four weeks after the treatment has ended. I have been trying really hard to be happy and cheerful again but it makes it really hard when I am sick all of the time. I really just want to feel better. I am really tired of feeling nauseated and being afraid to eat because I know I might throw it up. I have also been really depressed. I don’t know if this has anything to do with H pylori. My roommates have been jerks to me lately and not understanding at all because I have been sick for so long. I am falling behind on schoolwork because I have had to miss so much class. I am really stressed and depressed, the only thing that has managed to cheer me up is when I feel well enough to go to church. Is this all normal? Is there some kind of association with emotional wellness and H pylori? When will I get better?