At the moment I'm 23 years old. I've gone threw many of these episodes throughout my life, almost failing high school, to failing out of college, and losing multiple jobs.

My latest "episode" has been my scariest yet; I ended up going to the hospital twice for my symptoms, while on vacation.

It started last week with a common cold, once the cold ended I still felt stuck in a dream and periodically getting headaches. This "dream like state" is constant, it doesn't go away, and while typing this it is still happening.

But throughout the day the symptoms worsen and get terrifying. If I'm not in a bed I begin to feel like an intense dream like State almost as if I was dizzy and going to pass out , but I don't pass out, I can't pinpoint my symptoms when loved ones or doctors ask me all I can say is I feel like I'm in a dream. Everyone keeps telling me "anexity" but I'm feeling completely at ease right before the EXTREME symptoms begin.

I usually sleep 12+ hours daily. I can go threw days of sleeping 24 hours. The only way I can get myself to get up out of bed is taking Adderall. Without that I can keep sleeping.

Alarms don't wake me up, I can't keep food near me while asleep because I will sleep eat, without the adderall I only wake up to use the bathroom and eat. I don't take it daily only days I need to wake up to accomplish something.

The dream like feeling isn't as common, it has only happened 3 times since December since I've been keeping track. But this is the most terrifying one.

Day time and Lights really seem to exaggerate the issues, and the longer I'm awake the most my brain doesn't feel normal, I go into state where I feel like I'm almost asleep while awake and it triggers a panic attack. I can become very child like as well.

From childhood I've had issues with excessive sleep and if anyone would try and wake me I'd become very nasty but have very little recollection of being so mean then fall back asleep. From my 12+ hours of sleep I have struggled with having my sleep pattern being normal . I tend to revert to sleeping in the day and being awake at night. I feel my most wakeful around 3am to 7am .

I have only a hand full of times where I can say I've woken up rested and I can remember each time.

My memory is horrible. My friends or family will bring up experiences or vacations and I have very little to no recollection of them, and it's very upsetting. Pictures can sometimes trigger the memories.

Right now for about a week I've felt like I've been in a complete De ja Vu state. Being forced to be awake because I went on a mini vacation, I got home yesterday and slept 22 hours. I was hoping being home would relax these symptoms, but I'm at a loss. I'm completely exhausted and terrified.

I feel as if overstimulation exacerbates the dream like state; or possibly it's when I'm already overly exhausted.

Adderall keeps me up but it doesn't make me feel awake, I still want to sleep and have no energy.

I've tried anti depressants as well and it doesn't change much. They gave me the adderall at 17 thinking i wasn't able to constrate because of ADD

I'm sorry my thoughts are so erratic but I'm not feeling myself.

I do have C5 right sided nerve damage and c3-c4 disc buldge but that's more recent, im just wondering if that cud possibly be effecting this dream like state.