I'm a 33 year old male who's been struggling with anxiety/depression/insomnia for the past month. I tried bupropion but that seemed to make my anxiety/insomnia worse! I switched to escitalopram 12 days ago. My doctor told me to start with 5mg for the first two days, then up it to 10mg. Aside from some initial nausea and lack of appetite for the first few days, I was fine. There was even one day in the first week where I woke up not feeling anxious/depressed! It was a glimmer of hope... but I feel like things have been gradually getting worse. No bad physical symptoms, just a rise in the anxiety/insomnia/depression.

I know it could take 6-8 weeks, but has anyone else experienced things starting off well, then getting worse before getting better? I'm really thankful I found this website, it's helped keep me encouraged to keep pressing on in this rough start-up phase. Prior to this year, I've never been on any AD meds