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While using Efudex, is it okay to use a moisturizer and/or makeup?

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Catsu 1 Jan 2017

I was told to apply nothing other than sunscreen 2 hours after applying efudex if I was going out. Other people have been told differently though, so you should consult your dermatologist. I personally could not have imagined wearing makeup during my treatment.

Larry Michael 4 Dec 2018

I'm treating my upper arm once a day for 4 weeks. I apply the 5-FU cream at night an hour or two before bed. I'm on my last week now of treatment.

I make a moisturizer cream using 50/50 organic coconut oil and organic grade A shea butter. Order the shea online for a good price. Just warm them in a glass bowl together. All natural. Can be used on any part of the body. Inside and out.

My routine:
I shower in the morning, gently cleaning my arm with a natural soap. I'm using a Neem and Tea Tree Oil shampoo and body bar right now. One bar does it all. My skin and hair like it

After drying, I apply a heavy coat of oil/butter mix on my arm. It takes about 10 min to soak in well. You may as well use a light coat on the rest of your body while you wait for it to soak in and dry. Your body will thank you.

At night, I clean my arm again with soap and water and apply my 5-FU. After about 20 min, I apply another coat of my oil/butter mix and let it soak in and dry well before I go to bed. I bought some over size cotton, long sleeve tee shirts to wear at night to cover my arm and protect my pillows and sheets somewhat from the chemical.

I have noticed that the first crusty lesions on my arm have already started to heal. I will complete the 30 days and continue to apply my mix to speed and assist healing during and after treatment. free discount card

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