I was recommended by dermatologist to apply the epiduo forte morning AND night. She did say not to mix any other products other than the ones she gave me which was that and cetivle face wash and a very lousy sunscreen... (she told me the reason was so that if my skin reacted bad she would be able to find out what it was from easily) I love my sunscreen and moisturizers and after reading the reviews it seems my skin might really need those things to still be applied. But since I have to apply in the morning as well I was wondering if I would be able to apply my moisturizer and then my sunscreen on too and then follow with make up? Or is this a terribly bad idea? I really have no clue because my doctor was very short and rushed with me. She seemed like she definitely knew what she was talking about but still the many questions I have didn't even have a chance to be thought of bc she was so much in a hurry!