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Does effexor cause shortness of breath?

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Anonymous 5 Sep 2013

Hello drbenbarnard. No, not to my knowledge. However if you believe that it might be the cause, ( it possibly might very well be a severe reaction) please see your prescribing physician. Regards pledge

Kitty 5 Sep 2013

I've not had that experience with Effexor. Are you sure it's not anxiety? Judy

endlessPred 5 Sep 2013

Chest X-ray may show proper information including an undiscovered lung disease or pneumonia. Anxiety, as stated, or panic attacks can do this.

According to information on the drug, it is a very rare side effect. Either way see a physician to find the reason.

Whitecd39 5 Sep 2013

I've been on Effexor 15mg for almost a year. I haven't experienced shortness of breath. I hope this helps you.

Whitecd39 5 Sep 2013

I meant to type 150 mg daily

Pansy404 6 Sep 2013

I have been on 150mg of Effexor XR for years and have never experienced shortness of breath.

It may be that you are experiencing a rare side effect of the medication. To put your mind at rest you must see a doctor, only they can advise what is causing your problem.

Let us know how you get on.

Ozzer 25 Jan 2017

I'm on effexor and I have trouble breathing constantly. I went to my doctor, thinking it was asthma, but they told me it was probably just anxiety (though I'm skeptical). It constantly feels like there's a weight on my chest, or like my lungs just aren't big enough to take in the nessesary amount of air. It gets espically bad in high humidity and its progressed to the point where I can no longer take warm showers because I'm constantly afraid I'll suffocate, or pass out and bash my skull in on the bathroom tile.
I did some reading on other forums and apparently other effexor users (and users of other antidepressants) have had strickingly similar issues.

Skydancer1962 7 Jun 2017

I experienced every single complication you mentioned and Effexor 75mg ER 2xx per day is only one of two "new" meds I was prescribed in the last 3 months. Otherwise, I'm only taking a b/p med and prilosec that I've been on for years.

The other med was a blood thinner after recent surgery, ClopidigreI. I was so was so desperate, that while my doctor was sure it wasn't either, I went off both of them one week at a time. I stopped the blood thinner the first week and continued the Effexor. No change. So I resumed taking the blood thinner the second week and stopped the Effexor. I was immediately better the week I was off the Effexor. I mean, by the next morning I noticed a difference, and 2 days later I was symptom free. free discount card

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