NOT happy with the generic Adderall manufactured by this, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals... It’s a white octagonal pill with M on one side, & 30 on the other side. I have been on generic Adderall for over three years now, and for the past year and a half or so have been on 30mg tablets.

When I was first prescribed 30mg tabs I got the round pink tabs, then a few months later... I started getting the round orange tabs, and have been getting those every month since. However, when I picked up my script for this month this past weds at Rite Aid, I realized they were different. I thought well no big deal, ever since I’ve been on Adderall, trying to get adjusted to the correct dosage, I’ve had several different kind of Adderall generics... I truly thought nothing of it.

So today, while at work, I kept telling my coworkers I just don’t feel right, I feel so irritable, I’m all over the place, my brain feels all over the place as well, I feel so drained & worthless. Now for the past feel days I've felt like this, just not as bad, it’s as if each day I began to feel worse & worse, & today was just horrid. At first I had thought that I was just maybe coming down with something, but that wasn’t & isn’t the case at all. This evening, I finally decided, enough was enough.. something just wasn’t right with my medication. I tried to contact my pharmacy, but they were closed already for the day, very unfortunate... So I decided to at least look into the MFR labeled on my bottle of Adderall. It didn’t take more than one search to find numerous complaints and concerns on the MFR & it’s generic Adderall.

Many people complaining, having concerns, & asking if anyone else has had any issues, or noticed any difference in the side effects, &/or effects in general. I continued reading, only to realize that several others were explaining to a T, the exact way I too feel & have been feeling!!! My mind is kind of blown by this, given I’m truly not a skeptic when it comes to pharmaceuticals... And in the past, I’ve never had an issue with switching from one MFR’s generic to another. I really hope the pharmacy is able to help somehow...

Any comments or advice anyone would be willing to share, would be so much appreciated. Thank you so much!