Hello, wondering if anyone here has experience with and knowledge of kidney stones with dyazide. I've been taking dyazide for treatment of Meniere's and recently had a kidney stone (and likely had some prior to this but did not get a medical diagnosis or catch the stones.)

I discovered, through Drugs.com, that triamterene can contribute to kidney stones. I have not yet been able to get the kidney stone tested, so I don't know for sure what it's make-up is. (From drugs.com "Triamterene and its metabolites have been reported in renal stones in association with other calculus components. Therapy with triamterene should be administered cautiously in patients with a history of nephrolithiasis" and from wikipedia "Triamterene can also cause kidney stones through direct crystallization or by seeding calcium oxalate stone").

The ER recommended I discontinue the dyazide when I was in for the kidney stone. (I also had low potassium at the time.) So I went in yesterday to see my otolaryngologist/ENT about the dyazide since she was the one who initially prescribed it and understands the reason I'm taking it. She recommended I go back to taking the dyazide and according to her as long as I drink enough water, the triamterene shouldn't cause any kidney stones for me.

So my question is really just if this is accurate. Am I unlikely to have future kidney stones taking triamterene if I just drink lots of water? I do hope it is, the dyazide has been helpful in treating my meniere's