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What drug is closest to tramadol?

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DancnDar 14 March 2017

I found this on this website:

Tramadol is now a controlled substance in all 50 U.S. states.

On July 7, 2014 the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced that tramadol has been placed into schedule IV of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) effective August 18, 2014. The new scheduling applies to all forms of tramadol. The rescheduling of tramadol comes at a time of growing concern related to abuse, misuse, addiction and overdose of opioid analgesics. Previously tramadol was a controlled substance in only a few states.

Starting August 18, 2014 tramadol prescriptions may only be refilled up to five times within a six month period after the date on which the prescription was written. After five refills or after six months, whichever occurs first, a new prescription is required. This rule applies to all controlled substances in schedule III and IV.

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Justme1601 10 Oct 2017

Was it ever sold otc in the us?

mrbearsmom 14 March 2017

I am really confused as to why tramadol was made controlled substance but ... I take Horizant 600mg 2x day which is a extended release gabapentin. And also Mirapex and tramadol. Horizant works great however it is very expensive depending on your insurance but there is a drug company rebate that can save you most if not all of your copay.

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chigrl 13 March 2017

I have been on the Neupro patch for many months now. It worked great on the first few months but now, not so much. I spoke with my doctor and she mentioned a medication that was just for RLS that I had not tried as yet. She then started to talk about Tramadol, which I had some at home but don't use because I don't like it. I had forgotten about taking the Tramodol until just this afternoon when I received a call back from the doctors office in a response to my earlier call about getting on the new medication she had talked to me about. Her staff told me that she had told me too take the Tramadol that she had talked to me about and that I had told her I had some at home. Confused yet? We'll, not five minutes after that call I find this post in my email and read that Tramadol is now a controlled substance. There's no way I am gonna take it now... no way I can take it long term without getting addicted to it.


Am I right about this and what RLS medications are there out there that actually work? I have tried most but after awhile my body gets used to them and they no longer work... my RLS is really bad...

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Gilbert63 13 March 2017

Tramadol was recently added to the narcotic list to where it was not before. If you have pain in your legs or restless legs should try gabapentin also helps diabetic nerve pain. If you're experiencing other types of pain probably the next thing up would be percocet or hydrocodone which is definitely a narcotic and not easily to come by.

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