... that we just figured out was because of the meds. He was passing out regularly, said his brain felt numb, tongue thick, terrible anxiety and heart palpitations. The doctor referred us to a cardiologist but the day before the appt I thought about a possible drug reaction. After researching I stopped the meds. The next day he was feeling a little better but we went to the appt. He was very dehydrated, low sodium and was instructed to wear a heart monitor for 48 hours. Within 48 hours of stopping the meds he was feeling like himself again. The cardiologist says the dehydration caused the passing out and and heart palpitations and that the anxiety was also a symptom of the whole mess. I have since read several blogs about this drug and its side affects and I would not give it to a dog that I didn't like. We thought that our A student, 3 sport athlete was having a psychotic breakdown and can't believe that we were not warned. Please think twice before taking this medication and if you do watch for these signs