For 5 months, I took 2 pills of doxycycline a day and then for the 2 months after, I tapered down to 1 pill. I also have been using retin A (0.05% and recently 0.1%) at night and Clindamycin both morning and night. I cleanse with a cetaphil wash at night and 5% benzoyl peroxide in the morning. Over time, my acne got really worse but eventually cleared up a decent amount. I recently stopped taking doxycycline for about 1.5 weeks, but I have noticed some flare ups and small whiteheads return, more than I had when I was taking the medication. I want to get off of doxycycline, but I do not want more acne to show up like in the beginning of my treatment leading to even more acne and more scars. Should I stick with the doxycycline one pill a day or just see if my topical treatments can stand alone?? Thanks!