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Dosage - How long is a 2.5 ml bottle supposed to last when you use 1 drop in each eye per day?

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Marvell 3 Aug 2013

More or less 2.5ml of eyedrops, with the usage details you are giving, should last you 15 days.

BorbitaCarl7 17 Dec 2016

So where do they get the answer that says..the 2.5ml has 90 drops in it??? Please explain..thanks..

d5kolls 28 Feb 2017

Sandoz claims that in the 2.5 ml bottle, there are 80 drops which is nearly 3 months. At one drop a day, the solution should last 80 days NOT 15 days.

BorbitaCarl7 16 Dec 2016

1ml=16drops so 2.5ml is about 37 drops so a 2.5ml will only last about 2 weeks and 3 days.

d5kolls 28 Feb 2017

You should check the Sandoz pdf drug description that claims the 80 drops per 2.5 ml bottle.

Oddballout89 19 Mar 2017

There are 20 drops per milliliter. If you have the 2.5ml bottle, that's 50 drops. If you're only using 2 drops per day, it will be a 25 day supply. I'm a CPhT, so I know what I'm talking about.

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cwcs 14 May 2017

I think it's 2.5 ml in total solution 4 ml, thus 80 drops.

cwcs 14 May 2017

Oops, it's 4ml bottle, 2.5 solution. Literature does say 80 drops though, so worth checking with manufacturer.

LatinaCPT 1 Nov 2018

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