I have been taking the Suboxone Film for roxy abuse. I was taking over 330mg of roxys a day! I heard about suboxone and got on it. The film was cheaper than the tablets. I find myself needing Xanax more and smoking more. I also sweat a lot!!! I get up several times a night, but feel fine. This is a wonder drug. I am however worried about my weight. I have never been a “big” girl. I have always been super skinny. A few years ago (before the roxys), I got on the depo shot and gained a ton of weight. At that time I was addicted to methadone and was under so much stress I had a huge problem with ulcer upsets. As I understand all of the above cause weight gain. I stopped taking methadone, got use to the depo shot in my body, and lost the weight. Then stupidly I started taking roxys a year later. This addiction is the worst!!! I spent thousands of dollars on them. I started gaining weight again. Now I am off of the roxys, still take the depo shot, and now take the suboxone film. I am getting huge!!! Is there a problem with my liver or kidneys? I don’t understand why I am so big. I thought it was the roxys, but since I am off of them, why am I getting bigger and bigger?