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Does prednisone make you tired or sleepy?

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22 Apr 2011


No it does not, people have trouble sleeping while on prednisone. But not all organisms react in the same way to medications (benefits, side effects, etc... )

Do contact your Dr. and discuss this further due to that a common side effect of this medication which is "Difficulty sleeping".-

Take care.-

24 Apr 2011

(maso) is right no tiredness but you do get very very hungry watch your weight gain cause my dad is on it and ever since then he is eating so much
lolove janymak

1 Nov 2014

I took prednisone this morning, my first time ever (10mg). due to major facial pain/swelling supposedly brought on by sinus infection. I also have sarcoidosis so this may be exacerbating my symptoms. Immediately after taking it, I was ready to crash and I went back to bed for some much needed rest. Allergy medications have the same effect on me... so prednisone may make you sleepy as well, despite the cautions of sleeplessness as a side effect.

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