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Does anyone notice weight gain while using amitriptyline?

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Mikeliz34 30 April 2020

I have been on amitriptyline 25mg and I have gained 20lbs in a very short time..I wish I didn't need it for the nerve pain but I'm thinking I might try something else to deal with it..I was wondering if anyone knows of something I could talk to my doctor about changing to please tell me ..I just feel yucky since putting on the extra weight

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Babyyoda 24 Nov 2019

I gained about 40 pounds over the course of a year. It definitely increased my appetite and sometimes food cravings were unbearable. However I did take this drug for chronic migraines, and because of the migraines I worked out less so that was also probably a contributing factor.
I stopped the drug 5 weeks ago and have lost no weight despite eating less.

However, the relief the drug brought me was worth the weight gain in my opinion even though I'm a little bummed out about it.

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Helsybee 28 Jan 2019

I have been using Amitriptyline for 4 months. I take 10mg per evening. I am on a very strict diet and eat no carbs at all except for broccoli and spinach. I workout at the gym three times a week and I cannot lose weight. I have put on 2 kilos in four months. I’m really sick of this and have decided today to stop taking the medication. I use it for sleep and the last four months have been the only time I have had quality sleep in fifty years but I’m not prepared to keep putting on weight whilst doing all of this work to lose it.

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Vervillec 9 May 2018

I have been taking amitriptyline for about 4 years now and I have gained around 40lbs and lost all control of my eating habits and can't control my urge to eat all the time. I was 160 lbs. when I started taking it and now I'm 203lbs. When i say I can't control my eating, I mean exactly that.

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Nitephall 11 May 2018

I have the same problem. I've been on Ami for about a year and I keep gaining weight. I've gone from 196 lbs to 250 lbs. Regular exercise has no effect on the weight gain. It gives me the muchies at night. I eat healthy, small portions during the day but at night I want to pig out. Chips, cereal, cheese . . . I even invented my own desert: 1 slice of wheat bread topped with peanut butter, sugar-free chocolate pudding, and chocolate syrup. It's insane. Ami did wonders for my sleep but it really messes up the way your body metabolizes food, which causes weight gain. And the cravings to eat at night only make it worse. I'm weeing off it slowly. There's got to be a way to end this madness.

JulyStr4ins 7 March 2018

I’ve been on amitriptyline to treat migraines and anxiety for 3 weeks (50mg), and I’ve gained 15 pounds. So far it hasn’t been working for it’s intended purposes, so I might be increasing the dosage soon, but you’ll probably gain some weight on this drug. Most people see this as a downside, but as someone who struggles to gain weight I quite enjoy it. This is an older drug so side effects are more likely to be a reality.

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Jo5716 11 Oct 2017

Yes it does!!! I have gained 7 lbs just taking this the last 2 weeks I took it years ago and stopped but now I remember why!!! It works for my migraines but I’m going to stop taking this!

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Dlanigan 9 Sep 2017

I've been on 10mg for headaches for only 1 week and I've already gained 5lbs and feel like I could eat everything in site! I only weigh 115... well used to! Eat healthy, only ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was satisfied.. now I feel like I'm just starving all the time! It's terrible. I will deal with the headaches. Stopping this medication TODAY!

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SpinningAngel 23 Sep 2017

I'm on 10-20mg too, have been on Amitriptyline before but the past few months I've been exercising and calorie counting (low carb, have done for years) but just tried my jeans on and they are just as tight as 3 months ago!
I noticed a difference when trying hard to lose weight last year off Ami and just taking sleeping pills (over counter, I know 'm not supposed to take them everyday but I don't sleep otherwise and there is no good time to wean myself off and practice sleeping without!). Also when taking Ami about 4 years ago I dieted and exercised just as much but could only get down to a certain size. Now I think I'd have to starve myself! I have a brisk hour a day walk to work and back and do HIIT on top of this and calorie count (1200 a day, maintenance for my height is 1800).


maybe it's my age as 39 now and maybe a few years ago it was easier, but there are enough stories on here claiming diets have not changed and exercise etc but still putting weight on. I'm going to go back on sleeping pills tomorrow and come off Ami, I've had a migraine for a month so I guess it doesn't even work for me anymore. I tried Topamax which was great for a week but then I got many headaches, only good thing was it reduced my appetite but had to come off it as I was highly anxious all the time and it was making me depressed.

Nitephall 10 March 2018

I completely agree with you: Ami causes weight gain so bad that I've actually thought the only way I can stop gaining weight on this drug would be to stop eating altogether. Maybe do the Buddha's diet: only one grain of rice a day. I know that sounds extreme but it is INSANE how badly this drug causes weight gain. And I've seen a couple of comments from people who say even after they stopped taking Ami, the weight didn't come off. What if this drug causes a permanent change in one's metabolism?

kblondie1 17 Aug 2017

YES! I was given this drug to help me sleep, as a mood stabilizer and pain. Yes, I'm sleeping much better (finally!) but I've put on 12 pounds in 2 months. That may not seem like much but I cannot fit into my jeans! All in the belly area. I've never in my life craved sweets. Now, I've had the biggest cravings for pasteries, pies, ice cream and candy. Sadly, I'm getting off the meds. Going to try cannibus to sleep.

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Babyyoda 24 Nov 2019

I also never craved sweets before amitriptyline, but as soon as I started the cravings were unbearable. I've been off amitriptyline for 5 weeks and haven't craved sweets at all.

Basten60 30 April 2020

I haven't stopped craving junk food either and am female and gave gone up 2 bra sizes too. My son uses cannabis for sleep but I darent try it as I'm on a lot of other meds too but am suffering from severe depression at the moment due to physical pain as well

Cobber3 27 July 2017

I was prescribed 25 mg of generic Elavil.
For Migraines. I attempted to discuss wgt gain w my neurologist, but as an RN my self I am very familiar with how a drug works and how it effects me. I did gain wgt, I felt sedated, it will effect your motivation, and if you aren't diligent u must watch calories n healthy eating.
However: I have never had trouble w this much wgt gain, or feel like I'm in a 1/2 coma state. It is a hard life to have to choose between migraines again or choose to feel fatigued and unmotivated. So far i have gained 15-17 lbs. I'd rather have migraines and no sleep than this.
Thank you all for sharing. You matter!

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mfchelsea24 17 March 2017

I have!!! i use 25mg for migraines and i gained 20 pounds since 6 months !! i used to weigh 110, vegan, run everyday so healthy. and i weigh 130 pounds and am so bloated!! my period is also messed up.. i stopped the pill but if i stop it will i lose all the weight i gained right away??

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headleer 15 Feb 2017

I have been on Amitriptyline 25 mg for years, without much weight gain. My doctor has recently been increasing my amount for migraines and now I'm on 100 mg daily. I have gained 50lbs since October and I hate it. Luckily I have an appointment with my doctor this week and am going to see what else I can take that doesn't cause weight gain. With working with a nutritionist and on 1400 cal a day I knew something else was going on. Glad I finally found the possible culprit.

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Jadeind 20 Feb 2017

I have started on a small dose of this for my nerve pain as I'm weaning off lyrica which was the cause of me gaining 20kg in 12 months, my doctor told me that I wouldn't gain weight on such a small dose. I can't afford to put on any more weight as I became a paraplegic 12 months ago and have to lift myself into my wheelchairs and onto my shower chair . So i am preying once I am off the lyrica in a few more days that my weight will start to come down as it's the only thing that could be causing it, I don't eat enough to put weight on

Derp-D-Derp 24 Dec 2016

When I was younger (20's?), I was STARTED on 125mg for sleep and migraines. Over the next 20 years, I gained over 100 pounds AND became diabetic. After we realized that it was the only "stable" factor that hadn't changed (we were trying to explain the weight gain), I came off and lost 100# in 9 months.

Doctors have told me patients ask to be taken off when people gain 5 pounds at much lower doses.

A few months ago, I agreed to start back on an extremely low dose (25mg) because it's the only med that provides the sleep I need. I insist on being weighed at every meeting (monthly) and up until last month, everything was going fine.

When I hit 50-75mg, I noticed my weight and blood sugar starting to rise. I'm hoping it can be controlled without stopping the drug completely, but it was understood at the start that I was hesitant to "try."


I'm assuming I'll be decreasing doses until I can transfer to something else. It's frustrating, because I've had sleep problems all my life and found the only 100% cure after 3 nights of 1/4 tsp of medical marijuana oil. I had been on 200mg of trazodone after moving from Elavil, and had been off all medications (except the oil at bedtime) for 4 years.

Now that I'm in a "non-legal" state, I'm back on 3 medications and I don't like it at all.

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Rceddy 15 Nov 2016

Yes, significantly! I am normally a size 2-4, even size 6. I have gained about 70 lbs, I crave breads like they are going out of style and my normal sweet tooth has been increased by 3-4x. But it significantly helps my Neuralgia, stress and sleep. So I am not quite ready to do anything about my weight, The rest of my diet consists mostly of veggies and cheese.

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inevertan 27 Oct 2016

I am here because I have the same question. I have been taking 20 mg for five years and about every few days I have a voracious appetite which is unpleasant. I take this for esophageal spasm pain and it is a necessary med for me, but my gastroenterologist says 20 mg will not increase my appetite. Does any other 20 mg peeps have this problem?

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Babyyoda 24 Nov 2019

I was on 20mg and it DEFINITELY increased my appetite. My cravings were unbearable at times and I'd feel like I'd pass out if I didn't eat a substantial amount of food.

maccanova 14 Oct 2016

I have been taking ammo for years for neuropathic pain in my amputated leg, but after a few ops, I was able to come off all meds and the weight just dropped off alarmingly. From 94kg to 80kg. However, the pain returned with a vengeance and I went back on ammo but three times the dosage and I have put 5kg on since Nov 2015. Very disappointed because it was a novelty to feel my rib cage.

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