Before 9/11 I was on ambien. Back then, I got a new doctor who convinced me to get off of it because “drugs are bad”. Two months later, sleep deprived, I lost my job, lost my insurance, and couldn't go back to that lousy doctor who took me off the drug without any real supervision. Since then I've learned that insomnia isn't about weak-will (unemployed with a bad job market, I tried for about 3 years to overcome the insomnia problem). When I finally got a job, I used alcohol to sleep because I wasn't on insurance and I could at least function with the sleep alcohol provided. Things got better. My city's health care program helped me get back on ambien. I've been on ambien for about 5 years now and am making enough money to pay for insurance. The problem is this—my doctor's office has recently had a shake-up. My doctor left and it seems like the office no longer believes that I need ambien—they think I'm an addict. I've been through this before. They insist that insomnia is a real medical problem and yet they're no longer willing to prescribe ambien. They want to keep me as a patient but want the sleep specialist that I'm going to see to take-over the prescription. This drug has drastically improved the quality of my life. I'm just scared that I'm going to go back to long days and nights of sleep deprivation. Does anyone have any advice?