I know a lot of medications have many companies that make generics of the medicine. I know that the original Norco and most of the generic Norco are yellow in color. I found 2 white pills that look exactly the same and when searched the imprints on them, they were identified as generic Norco - 10mg hydrocodone/325 acetaminophen. The tablets, even though they look alike in color, size, and shape, have only one difference: the imprints. One of the tablets has "M367" on one side and just a line down the middle on the other side for easy breaking. The other pill, looking exactly the same, has the imprint "M523" on one side and no line on the other side, but another imprint of "10/325." Are these both really generic Norco (10 hydro/325 apap)? And if so, what is the difference between these 2 tablets/medications?