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What is the difference between Lorazepam and Clonazepam?

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Anonymous 11 Dec 2013

They are in the same "family"... benzodiazepines..that is... Valium like drugs..but they are two different compounds I believe clonazepam is longer acting... anti anxiety meds

pamee 11 Dec 2013

Though both are benzodiazepines, the two drugs are in different classes. Clonazepam is considered a long-acting benzodiazepine, with a rapid onset time of one to four hours and a half-life of approximately 34 hours, while lorazepam is a short-acting benzodiazepine with the same approximate onset time but a half-life of about 15 hours.

em1271 27 Apr 2016

Thank you. Your information was very helpful. I have been in the hospital for a week. I normally take kolonapin but they are giving me ativan but I don't feel the same. The Dr's and nursrs are telling me they are the same. I know they are both benzos but your explanation made things much clearer. Thank you. I appreciate your comment.

Larsy1966 11 Dec 2013

I found this:Although most benzodiazepines are used interchangeably, some are most commonly used for certain conditions.

Alprazolam (Xanax), chlordiazepoxide (Librium), clorazepate (Tranxene), diazepam (Valium), lorazepam (Ativan), and midazolam are used for anxiety disorders;
clonazepam (Klonopin), clorazepate (Tranxene), and diazepam (Valium) are used for seizure disorders;
estazolam, flurazepam, quazepam (Doral), temazepam (Restoril), and triazolam (Halcion) are used for insomnia;
midazolam, lorazepam (Ativan), and diazepam (Valium) are used in anesthesia;
diazepam (Valium) also is used for muscle relaxation;
chlordiazepoxide (Librium) is used for alcohol withdrawal.

alsinn12 23 Aug 2016

As of the arrival of mainstream use Clonazepam it has been classified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to be the only other drug within the class of Benzodiazepines to be Wiley used for the purpose of Panic Disorder, the only other one is Alprazolam(Xanax) so no not necessarily correct. Although Klonopin(Clonazepam) can be used to treat seizures due to its unique binding properties to the GABA receptors it is not frontline use for seizure disorders whatsoever. Thanks and hope this answers your question more clearly about what Clonazepam is. It's also molecular weight wise twice to three times as potent as Ativan(Lorazepam) meaning if a person were to take 1mg of Clonazepam it would be equites if to 2-3mg of Ativan or Lorazepam give /take. Thanks hope this helps.

Nicole1970 8 Aug 2017

Thank you for your response. I have been taking clonazepam, for approximately 3 years now for anxiety; I am a high school administrator. I saw my doctor yesterday and told her that I was tired of taking the Klonapin during the day; due to the fact that it made me so sleepy (just started about a month ago.) She prescribed me lorazepam for day use and clonazepam for nighttime. I sure hope this works.

Thanks again,

Livnlearn 8 Jan 2015

To me, that's the difference: Clonazepam helps a whole lot as sleeping aid (for many years) but Lorazepam helps only up to the second sleepness night, than it causes me even more insomnia but each person reacts differently to certain drugs. Sad to say that in the country I leave now I can not buy Clonazepam :(

carebearfav 15 Apr 2015

What country do you live in? In the states just go to the doc for anxiety issues and say ativan isnt working can i try Clonazepam

Shane Boron 23 Sep 2015

Most benzodiazepines do the same job with relatively minor variations between them. Some do help anxiety better than others. Some help with sleeping issues better than others. Some are far more potent than others. And some have long half lives while some don't. Take Librium for example, the original and oldest benzo, and it's close companion Valium which was marketed only a few years after Librium. These two medicines have very long half lives. Whereas Ativan has a short half life. Also, going a little further, Librium is used nowadays primarily for alcohol withdrawal symptoms. These benzos release the calming chemical from the brain known as gaba for short. Since Ethanol releases large amounts of gaba, when one attempts to stop drinking, gaba levels drop. This is very dangerous. Hand shaking, cold sweats, vomiting, hallucinations, and seisures can occur. Benzodiazepines practically hault these awful alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which can be fatal in their tracks.

pete amora 1 Sep 2016

The difference is they belong to different structural classes within the benzo family. Ativan in my experience is about half as strong and easier on your body. Its good for sleep or mild anxiety. Klonopin is to me anyway mildly stimulating but still works almost as good as Xanax for panic but its the best for anticipatory anxiety and lasts at least double the therapeutic life of Ativan but it has the potential for more serious side effects but even then its not likely

John Wick 29 Oct 2017

From reading other responces to this Question And taking into account my requirements for my health situation at hand I have found from the experience of taking Lorazepam for many years now that I have to take quite a bit of this drug to help with my problems of anxiety, panic attacks and bottom line very bad nerves and hypertension! Where one person may take 1mg every 5 hours or so I have to take 2mg for it to help! and I'm presently on 5mg per day but when I get an attack it just dosen't cut it! It is my belief from reading that { and feel free to comment on this] I would benefit far more by taking Clonazepam in place of Lorazepam! Its lifetime is longer and its a bit stronger and this may sound strange but for me also being in a lot of pain I find that if my nerves are under control as well as my anxiety and panic attacks in turn i have less pain! I think Clonazepam would be better for me what do you think? free discount card

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