Alright, this my question.
On July 7th I got my Depo Shot, the doctor told me that I should stay protected within the week if I do decide to become sexually active. Only July 11th I had sex with my boyfriend and when I came off so did the condom. I became extremely worried and boyfriend was as well, but he said he was for sure didn't get any in me. He checked the condom as well to see if it was broken and it was not. Then the first thing that popped into my head was plan b called My way. He agreed to get it for me and hand get it for me to take the next day. It was 21 hours later when I took the pill and I should expect my period on July 14. And nothing so far but cramping and headache. I have been a little emotional, so I started freaking out what if I'm pregnant. Or does Plan B made my period become late? Or is the depo shot playing factor in this as well . Please help!!