So I’m currently on the depo shot and I have been for a year now and I was on the depo before and I haven’t experienced anything like this. Both times I’ve been on the shot my periods have went away completely after 2 months but now I’m having period like symptoms, major cramping, extremely hungry, lower back pain, naseua, tired all the time and for the past month my boobs have been swollen, tender and aching with a little liquid coming out them if I squeezed them now today I’m spotting a dark brown color... Has anyone experienced this or know what could be causing this? I haven’t missed a shot, I go next month to get another one. From what I’ve looked up I haven’t got a full answer and I’m curious to know if it could be implantation bleeding. I know they shot is 97-99% effective but anything can happen. And when I went to get my shot the last time my doctors hand slipped when he went to inject the shot, he got half the shot in before his hands slipping but his hands slipped he took the needle out and re entered it to finish the shot. I have a son now so I’m familiar with implantation bleeding and pregnancy symptoms but I’m not 100% sure what is going on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.