So I have been on DP for a little over 9 months now. Occasionally I would have spotting for days, weeks at a time or oddly an hour or so and nothing again. I chopped it down to being normal and eventually stress since lately I would start spotting after and during arguments. However my discharges have always been red/pink and be accompanied by cramps. As of 2 days ago however, I noticed that I have very thin/light light brown, watery discharge. No cramps. Yesterday, I noticed chunks of brown maybe even red, kind of like pieces of paper with fuzzy edges, only when I pee. I don't see this on my panty liner, furthermore my discharge is now pinkish turning light yellow (light yellow discharge is normal). Still, no cramps. Why am I seeing sheet-like chunks ? Also worth mentioning my last shot was 2 weeks ago. I have been drinking lots of alcohol and a bit stressed.