I have never taken medication for anything before. Except for antibiotic once in a blue moon. Doctor prescribe Citalopram (Celexa) 20mg for anxiety and depression and it was a horrible 30 hours experience. After just an hour and a half after taking the pill I felt fuzzy in the mind and had like slow thoughts and very clumsy. I took it at around 7pm. My eyes were dialated for about 14 hours. I went to sleep and woke up every 30min and never really did fall into a deep sleep. Also had nausea before going to sleep. The whole next day I did not want to get up out of bed. I felt floopy and clumsy and got up a few times and do a few things around the house that I have to do but then feel like laying down. Tv was on but I could care less. 4 hours go by and it felt like 10min. Just looking at tv and not caring about it. Went on fb and found myself reading every single word and not realizing it until minutes later and think to myself, "why am I reading this?" and not even comprehending what I was reading. Then when I wanted to comprehend something written I had to really make myself pay attention. I did not feel like myself at all. I spent more time just sitting and thinking about doing something and then not doing it. I finally start feeling like myself at 4am the next day. I don't want to make another doctor appointment for insurance reasons. Will it be a good idea to crush up the pill and take 1/4 of it and see how it is?