... until I get next refill on the 8th. I'm now older at 71 and my PCP put me on lorazepam for sleeping problems and anxiety when I was 61. I had been on it with no side effects for 10 years. I also have a rare type of angina called Prinzmetals. I was on meds for that and it controlled it for 10 years, then suddenly it stopped working in April of 2020. The Cardiologist put me on all kinds of different meds and none worked, except to my surprise the lorazepam worked for my angina. I got tolerant of the small dose I was on for the10 years and had to go up for it to keep controlling my angina. I reached a dose of 10 mgs when I decided to go to a Psychiatrist in 2021.They tapered me off in just a week! It was much too fast and I had a terrible time. I always read you had to go off of benzos very slow. After the week was up, she put me on .75mg of clonazepam and told me it was a very long lasting drug and that should solve my problem with tolerance. It worked great for 1 month and then stopped working. She allowed me to go up to 1mg but warned me she would not let me go any higher. I felt good for a couple of months and then that dose also stopped working. I asked her if I could go up another 0.125 which is very tiny and she refused. Here this long lasting benzo was supposed to help me with tolerance and it didn't help me at all! So unfortunately I was so desperate to get rid of the angina, I went to 2mg and it worked, although I'm very tired, but I'd rather be tired than suffer with angina that could cause a heart attack. So of course I'm now going to be out of clonazepam on Friday. I have an appointment with my PCP on Friday in hopes he will give me a few extra to tie me over, but he may no longer want to prescribe me just a few either. The government has come down so hard on schedule 4 drugs and others that doctors are too scared to prescribe them. I understand they can be dangerous especially if mixed with alcohol and other hard drugs, but to those who really need them to function, it is very cruel. Can't believe the Psychiatrist is just going to let a 71 year old woman go through a horrendous withdrawal and possibly die because she didn't want to give her a few extra to get her through until the next refill. I have found a new Psychiatrist but won't be able to see him until the 8th. So what should I do if my PCP refuses to give me a few pills so I won't go into withdrawal? Sorry this is so long, but I'm scared I'll have seizures or maybe even die going through withdrawal for 2 weeks. I also have an autoimmune thyroid condition as well that I take meds for. Thanks for listening, any advice on this would be so appreciated!