I've been on benzos for panic attacks that I’ve been having constantly. My doctor put me on half a milligram of Ativan about 4 months ago, which I took on and off for a few months. At a certain point, 1/2 mg wasn’t doing the trick so my doctor told me to go up to 1mg as needed, and I took that for a few months about once every other day. More recently my doctor switched me to Klonopin, and I’ve been taking 1/2 mg of that for the last month. My anxiety has gotten a lot better and my panic attacks are pretty much gone so I tried to just stop taking the Klonopin and within a couple days, I started feeling mega depressed, like the world just became really dark and creepy, I was super irritable, and felt a bit shaky. I’ve read all kinds of horror stories online about how its hell getting off Benzos how in some cases people experience withdrawal symptoms for over a year, and it’s totally psyched me out. I’ve just decided to wean off slowly, so I’ve cut my pills into fourths, because that's as small as I can cut these pills. I started taking 3/4 of a tablet today and plan to do so for about 10 days, than go down to 1/2 a tab for another 10 days, than 1/4 a tablet for another 10 days, than just go off. I hope doing this will minimize the withdrawal symptoms. Any advice? Cause I really don’t know what to expect. Should I be able to just wean myself off it on my own?