Has any one taken both clonazepam and propranolol for performance anxiety? I normally take both only as needed for acute anxiety only (clonazepam - 0.5mg - 1 mg) and performance only (propranolol 40 - 60mg). I recently took 40mg of propranolol approximately 6 hours before a performance and then another 50mg an hour before my performance based on a pharmacists recommendation. It wasn't helping as it should so I also took 0.25mg of clonazepam - which I've never done before. I will also admit that I drank a couple glasses of wine. I know the dangers of alcohol and clonazepam. I had already had wine before I decided to take the clonazepam. I am not recommending or encouraging anyone to mix alcohol with any prescription medication. I am merely telling my story.

Anyway, after taking the low dose of clonazepam, my nerves were a lot calmer. But to this day I cannot remember being on stage. I do remember my interactions and conversations with others just not performing and I mean at all. From everyone's feedback I apparently remembered lyrics, was on key and hit my marks.

Has this happened to anyone else? What is most interesting is that I remember everything of the evening off-stage. Thanks!